Conference on Serving Adults with Disabilities Resources


Session 1:  Harvey Hubbell – Thinking in Pictures Differently

Session 2:  Laura DiGalbo – Disability Bias: Based on Implicit Social Cognition

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Beegle – Equity & Excellence Improving Services for People in Poverty and with Special Needs

Session 3:  Stephen Byers and Tom Cosker – Supported Decision Making: A New Alternative to Guardianship

Session 4: Mary-K O’Sullivan – Current Trends in Street Drug and Prescription Medication Abuse


Disability Contact Person Meeting

The Intersection of Learning Style, Learning Differences & Learning Disabilities

Maintaining Boundaries in the Virtual World

Statewide Disability Workshop-Dealing with Serial Change: Navigating Without a Compass


Adult Education Pathways

Bright Future/Uncertain Present Part 1

Bright Future/Uncertain Present Part 2

Creating a Movement “Where Everyone Belongs” - The Power of Collaboration

Executive Functioning Deficits

Fostering Readiness & Transition to College for Students on the Spectrum

Preparing Students for Employment

For more info, contact:

Susan Domanico, Ed.D.

Director of Adult Education

860-567-0863 x1186