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Updates to EdAdvance’s Fingerprint Services for School Districts, Magnet Schools, Charter Schools and Private School Employees


Effective 7/05/23

Due to the rollout of the modernized Criminal History and Fingerprint Identification System effective July 05, 2023, EdAdvance needed to make changes to their protocol on fingerprinting school district, magnet school, charter school and private school employees.

Below are steps to follow to get fingerprinted at EdAdvance:

  1. Schedule an appointment using the Book an Appointment buttons on this page. Alternatively, click here to book at our Litchfield location, or here to click at our Bethel location.

  2. Before your scheduled fingerprint appointment, you are required to pre-register via the Connecticut Criminal History Request System “CCHRS” Web Portal. Your school will provide you with the LINK and a specific Service Code to pre-register.

  3. During pre-registration you will be prompted to pay for the FBI fee ($13.25 for a non-volunteer or $11.25 for a volunteer) and, only if applicable, the $75 State fee via a credit card payment or other pre-arranged payment plan.

  4. Upon completion of payment, the last screen should state you have successfully completed your pre-registration.

  5. Immediately after you have completed your pre-registration you will receive an email from CCHRS. You will need to print a hardcopy of this email. This email will consist of your Name, Applicant Tracking Number and Bar Code. Please bring this email to your schedule fingerprint appointment. This hardcopy email will need to be given to the fingerprint technician so it can be mailed out to the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection in Middletown with your completed fingerprint card to perform a criminal history background check.

  6. The day of fingerprinting you will need to provide to the fingerprint technician a current government-issued photo ID, like a driver’s license or passport.

  7. You will need come prepared with a credit card, debit card, or money order payable to EdAdvance for your fingerprint administrative/processing fee. The fee for a school district, magnet school or charter school is $30 and the fee for a private school is $45.

  8. Before being fingerprinted, the fingerprint technician will have you sign and date a copy of the FBI’s Privacy Rights and Act Statement in duplicate – one copy for EdAdvance’s file and the other copy for your file.

  9. After being fingerprinted, you will receive a memorandum sign and dated by the fingerprint technician confirming you were fingerprinted. It is your responsibility to return this confirmation memorandum to your school.

For your convenience click with your mouse on the HYPERLINKED flyer(s) below that pertains to the type of school you have been hired to work in. I also included a flyer for a Student Teacher. Each tri-fold flyer contains valuable information on fingerprinting such as what you need to do to get fingerprinted and what you need to bring to your scheduled fingerprint appointment.



MAGNET School Employee Flyer

CHARTER School Employee Flyer

PRIVATE School Employee Flyer


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