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Consultation & Planning

We offer a variety of consultation and planning options in partnership with member districts and schools to foster and support the continuous improvement of student learning. As our districts seek to meet Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, transition to digital learning environments, and employ more sophisticated data-based instructional decision-making, the professional development staff at EdAdvance is poised to support all manner of systemic school improvement efforts.

Our staff is always responsive to changing markets and needs and we stand ready, as conditions and requirements change, to facilitate discussions and planning to make new cost-effective regional student services available to all of our member districts.

We also provide professional development and consultation services for early childhood and after school providers. Our professional development and consultation services are recognized as exemplary and much sought after by school districts, early care providers and after school providers.


Professional Development, Consultation, and Training are provided in:​

  • 21st Century Skills

  • Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation

  • Assisting English Learners

  • Before and After School Services

  • Bring Your Own Device

  • Cross-Content Integration

  • Cultural Competence Capacity

  • Curriculum Development, Revision, and Standards Alignment

  • Data Tools & Analysis

  • Data-Driven Decision Making / Data Teams

  • Development of Performance-Based Learning and Assessment 

  • Digital Tools for Learning

  • Early & Secondary Literacy

  • Effective Teaching Strategies

  • Embedded Task Training

  • Examining Student Work

  • Group Facilitation

  • Holistic Accountability

  • Inquiry Based Instruction

  • Instructional Coaching

  • Leadership Training

  • Making Standards Work

  • Numeracy

  • One-to-one device models

  • Online Learning / Odysseyware®

  • Open Source Technology

  • Personalized Learning

  • Problem Solving

  • Readers/Writers Workshop

  • Reading & Writing Across the Disciplines

  • School Improvement

  • Strategic and Coherence Planning/Portrait of a Graduate Development

  • Systems Organization

  • Technology Integration

For more info, contact:

Jonathan Costa

Assistant Executive Director

860-567-0863 x1115


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