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Professional Development for School Districts

A life-saver for district and school administrators!

So many mandated topics to cover and so little time. A Global Compliance Network (GNC) unlimited tutorial license will help you cover important and timely topics for all your staff (administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, maintenance) in a succinct and efficient manner.

The GNC portal is a one-stop shop for Connecticut State Mandated Anti-Bullying (26 minutes), Sexual Harassment Prevention (2 hour) Trainings, and many other topics pertinent to your staff.

Over 150 tutorials—most only 20 minutes long—are available to use in staff meetings and group settings or to assign teachers to work on independently during duty time (please consult with your teachers’ union).  The system has the ability to generate certificates or track individual completion of tutorials. Tutorials are on-demand and available 24/7.

Examples of tutorial topics:

Special Education: ADHD, Autism, Behavioral Interventions, De-escalation, Mental Illness & Disorders, Reading Disabilities

Health: AIDS/HIV Awareness, Allergy Management, Asthma, Celiac Disease, Concussion Training, Diabetes Awareness, Head Lice, HIPPA, Lyme Disease, Seizures & Epilepsy 

Human Resources: Confidentiality, Discrimination, Diversity, Ethical Conduct, FERPA, FMLA

Maintenance/Risk Management: Asbestos, Back Safety, Cleaning Chemicals, Fire Extinguisher, Forklift Safety, Indoor Air Quality, PPE, Slip & Fall

Trending Topics
  • Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Awareness in Schools

  • Workplace Violence

  • School Safety

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Teen Dating Violence

Topics are presented by industry experts. Don’t see the topic you want in the complete list? GNC can develop presentations for your needs. 

Three tutorials are available in Spanish & English:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Hazard Communication

  • Sexual Harassment

To learn more and to register for tutorials contact Susan Domanico, Director of Adult Education, at 860.567.0863 or Pricing for the unlimited tutorial license is based on the size of the district.

For more info, contact:

Susan Domanico, Ed.D.

Director of Adult Education

860-567-0863 x1186


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