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Information Technology

EdAdvance’s Information Technology (IT) Services provide full service technology solutions for schools, districts, and other educational organizations. 

Our team of IT Specialists provides standards and practice-based technical assistance and consultation to optimize the purchase, integration, and use of technology in school administrative and business operations, and to support effective K-12 instruction and Smarter Balanced Assessment across core curricular areas.

Through our extensive knowledge base and experience working with all types of technology—software, hardware, networks, peripherals, and telecommunications—our team of IT Specialists builds capacity within your organization to integrate key technologic innovations for continuous improvement and cost efficiencies.

We understand that keeping current with the rapid pace of developments and new options in technology is challenging. Our skilled team provides planning, consultation, technical assistance, and support across diverse areas of technology, including: data storage, networking, cybersecurity, virtualization, cloud computing, and self-service and application solutions.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your technology needs and to collaborate in designing personalized solutions to fit your organization’s unique needs and budget requirements. We offer a broad array of services, including:

Technology Services Support

  • Computer Repair

  • Help Desk

  • Information Security (IS)

  • MAC, Windows, Open Source & Linux Software Support

  • Network Support & Troubleshooting

  • Networking Integration, Management & Maintenance

  • Onsite/Remote Workstation & Server Support

  • Remote Server Administration

  • Software Integration & Maintenance

  • Volume Computer Setup

Consulting & Training 

  • Network Design

  • Network/Systems Analysis

  • Open Source

  • Project Management

  • Security Audits

  • Software & Integration Training

  • Technology Audits & Plans

Hardware & Software 

  • Asset Management

  • Hardware & Software Upgrades

  • Mobile Services: Computer/Tablet

  • Lab and other rentals

  • Purchasing

We are pleased to offer IT services, both onsite and remotely, to our member districts. For more information or to request a price quote, please contact Jaren Havell, Director of Technology, at 860.567.0863.

Technology Support

860-567-0863 x1285

Support Hours
8:00 - 4:00 PM

For more info, contact:

Jaren Havell

Director of Technology

860-567-0863 x1155


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