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Launch Pathway

The Launch Pathway is a one-year program specifically designed for high school seniors with disabilities who are interested in gaining an early college experience during the 2024-2025 academic year. This unique pathway focuses on providing transitional services that are aimed at helping these students bridge the gap between high school and college.

Key Features of the Launch Pathway:

  • Early College Experience (ECE): Students in the Launch Pathway can begin their college education while finishing high school, gaining early experience of being on a college campus.

  • Credit Accumulation: Launch Pathway participants can earn up to 12 college credits in a single year, advancing their higher education goals significantly.

  • Transition Services: The pathway includes specialized transition services to support the unique needs of students with disabilities. These services are delivered through a collaborative effort between certified and non-certified staff, ensuring a comprehensive support system is in place.

  • High School Completion: Students will meet their high school graduation requirements while enrolled, ensuring no delay in their secondary education.

  • Special Education Services: Participants will receive most of their special education and related services at their existing high school, as specified in their IEP, maintaining consistency in their educational environment.

Top Four Reasons to Attend the Launch Pathway

  1. The Launch Pathway prepares students for the academic rigor and social dynamics of college life on a college campus.

  2. Each student receives a personalized approach to learning that aligns with their individual educational goals and disability needs.

  3. The Launch Pathway allows students to explore various career paths through early college courses on a college campus.

  4. Collaborate with a diverse cohort of learners from various backgrounds, fostering inclusivity and embracing a wide range of perspectives.

For more info, contact:

Kara Kirkegard 

UPP Coordinator



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