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Data Services

EdAdvance is pleased to offer support to districts in the areas of data collection, analysis and action planning related to curriculum, instruction and assessment. Our offerings are completely customizable based on the individual needs of districts. Services can include but are not limited to:


District-wide Data Support

  • Data collection

  • Analysis of student data to drive instructional practice

  • Action planning related to curriculum enhancement 

  • Instructional support and assessment creation and alignment

Data Team Support

  • Analysis of data use, Collection of and Alignment of Data Practices

  • Creation of, organization of, or improvement of data teams (District/building level)

  • Alignment of systems to support measurement of priorities

  • Professional Development/On-site support

PowerSchool Implementation and Support

  • Professional Development for all stakeholders (short and long term training)

  • Scheduling creation and support

  • State reporting support

  • Report creation/support

  • Kindergarten/New Student Registration

  • Planning for the unexpected, cross-training, intermittent on-site support

  • PowerSchool Installation

  • PowerSchool Updating

  • PowerSchool Test server installs/updating and other PowerSchool server related services. *These offerings support districts with single server and server array implementations (including load balancers).


For more information about these offerings or for help identifying your district’s needs, please contact Alisha DiCorpo, Special Projects Manager at 860.567.0863 x1206 or

For more info, contact:

Alisha DiCorpo

Director of Regional Staff Development

860-567-0863 x1206


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