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Marketing & Communications

EdAdvance is pleased to announce the availability of innovative multi-media marketing & communication (MarCom) services to develop and enhance your district’s brand visibility and the impact of print and web assets for all of your constituent groups - employees, students, parents, and community partners.

Offered by yearly subscription, two tiers of professional services are available:

Tier 1 Services (Basic) 

  • MarCom web and print asset technical review and consultation (once per year)

  • Evaluation of current brand consistency and strength across web, print, and social media

  • Graphic design and content development for 4 key assets per year (web or print), including newsletters, fact sheets, and brochures

  • Social media content production and management for consistent messaging across platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), 2 postings per month throughout school year

  • Production and dissemination to local/regional media of 4 press releases per year

  • Special event communications development and placement for 1 event per year, including digital photography coverage

Tier 2 Services (Enhanced)

Includes all of the Tier 1 evaluation services in addition to twice the amount of content production and management. 

  • Web and print asset technical review and consultation twice per year

  • Graphic design and content development of 8 key assets per year

  • Content production and management of 4 social media postings per month

  • Production and disemmentation of 8 press releases per school year

  • Special event communications development, placement, and photography coverage for 2 events per year

Á La Carte Subscription Service Enhancements 

  • Development and staff training on a district-wide Style Guide to harmonize branding across all print and online communications

  • Provision of workshops for district and school administrators, staff, and Board members

  • Production of Digital Videos including scripting, filming, editing, and linkage to relevant media outlets

Our professional marketing and communications team has extensive experience in media relations, copywriting, web development, graphic design, and strategic-messaging across print and digital media. We look forward to speaking with you about how we can best support and promote your district.

For more info, contact:

Tracey Lay

Chief Talent & Development Officer

860-567-0863 x1143


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