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Teacher Education & Mentoring Program

The Teacher Education and Mentoring Program (TEAM) is a two year induction program for beginning teachers that includes mentorship and professional development. Beginning teachers participating in the program are assigned a trained mentor to guide them through developing individualized growth plans, uniquely based on their own needs as educators. The unifying framework for the program is a series of five modules aligned to the Connecticut Common Core of Teaching. The modules focus on classroom environment, planning, instruction, assessment for learning and professional responsibility.

TEAM Review of Practice (ROP)

EdAdvance’s NEW Teacher Education and Mentoring Program – Review of Practice (TEAM ROP) is a pilot evolution of the traditional TEAM program for member districts. This program, which also includes mentorship and individualized professional development aligned to five instructional modules, uses reviews of practice that incorporate EdAdvance’s feedback cycle of Collect/Analyze/Process/Act and the CCT Rubric for Effective Teaching or the approved local instructional rubric. Because TEAM ROP uses the existing TEAM infrastructure but leverages existing local processes, district training and support required to achieve the stated outcomes for the TEAM program may be reduced. In addition to supporting induction, this process also prepares beginning teachers for local district evaluation and support processes and long-term professional growth. The foundational skills built in this process are aligned with the expectations of edTPA, the performance-based, subject-specific assessment that measures the skills and knowledge that teacher candidates demonstrate during student teacher experiences.

TEAM ROP aligns with other services offered within EdAdvance’s Systems and Talent Capacity Support Continuum.


Offerings & Services

EdAdvance offers the following TEAM training and support sessions:

  • TEAM and TEAM ROP Orientation Session

  • Initial Support Teacher Training

  • Initial Reviewer Training

  • Facilitated Online Mentor & Reviewer Update

  • Beginning Teacher Support Sessions

  • Facilitated Module 5 Conversation

  • TEAM ROP Mentor Training

  • In-district TEAM and TEAM ROP Training/Support for Mentors, Reviewers, and Beginning Teachers

For more info, contact:

Carly Weiland Quiros

TEAM Field Staff/District Facilitator

860-567-0863 x1209


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