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CT Green LEAF Schools

EdAdvance is continuing work through Connecticut Green LEAF Schools, a partnership between EdAdvance; Connecticut Outdoor & Environmental Education Association;  and the CT State Departments of Education, Public Health, and Energy and Environmental Protection.


Through EdAdvance, Green LEAF was recently awarded a two-year grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to support current Green LEAF schools and encourage new schools to join. Green LEAF Schools are recognized as those that: provide effective environmental and sustainability education, improve the health and wellness of students and staff, reduce environmental impact and cost of the resources used in the school.

EdAdvance supports approximately 130 Green LEAF schools across the state by offering ongoing professional development workshops for teachers, access to educational resources, grant funding opportunities for special programs or purchasing products, field trips for participating urban elementary and middle school students, and assistance with applications for national Green Ribbon status. Connecticut Green LEAF Schools is a free statewide initiative to help K-12 schools grow “greener.” Any public or private school in Connecticut is welcome to join.

More information can be found here

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