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Recruiting & Personnel

To view EdAdvance's current available positions, visit our Employment page.

District Business Services Staffing

EdAdvance’s Business Services provides a variety of professional and related business services staff to assist school districts, including Residency Investigations, School Business Office and Manager Services, and English Language Services. School districts often have difficulty finding qualified staff to support their business operations. Through EdAdvance’s Business Services, districts are able to contract for professional services by certified School Business Managers, as well as payroll, accounting, and business office support staff, as well as personnel for special projects. English Learner (EL) Support services are available through EdAdvance’s Regional EL Coordinator. Services include screening, diagnostic testing, administration of required annual state assessments, consultation, instruction, tutoring, and professional development.


Richard Carmelich, Chief Operations Officer
860.567.0863 x1141 | Email

Specialized Personnel & Service Support

EdAdvance’s Special Education Services provides a variety of professional and related services staff to assist school districts with their students identified with special needs and their programming. Services provided include 1 to 1 and general classroom support/instruction, consultative and direct therapy, observations/screenings/evaluations, and participation in parent conferences and team meetings. Special Education Services provides districts with service supports required to meet the goals of any IEP. This includes BCBA consultations and planning, Speech & Language Pathology, Psychological Evaluations, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy.


Dave Erwin, Personnel Services Coordinator
860.567.0863 x1138 | Email

Increasing Educator Diversity

EdAdvance is one of six Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs) participating in the Increasing Educator Diversity Alliance which assists Connecticut school districts in recruiting, hiring, developing, supporting, and retaining racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse teaching and administrative workforces. As a result of the RESC Increasing Educator Diversity Alliance’s research and program expansion, the following program components have been implemented:

  • Academic, financial, peer-networking, and professional development opportunities that promote an increase in the number of minority teacher graduates from alternate route and traditional certification programs in Connecticut.

  • Pathways to Teaching: Grow your own career development programs that focus on the recruitment and training of minority high school students interested in becoming teachers in Connecticut. Support continues as students progress through college and are accepted into teacher-preparation programs.

  • Visit our RESC Alliance Web site: The site provides information on statewide efforts to eliminate the educational achievement gap between minority students and their non-minority peers.


Devonna Dionne, Director of Marketing & Communications
860.567.0863 x1124 | Email

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