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Quality early childhood experiences, which are grounded in developmentally appropriate practices, provide a solid foundation for learning that has long-term positive benefits for children.  The early childhood programs offered by EdAdvance for children from the prenatal period to early elementary grades provide high quality educational experiences for all participants. All of our programs, including Birth to Three, the EdAdvance Autism Program, the Nurturing Families NetworkHead Start/Early Head StartFamily Resource Centers, and others, provide comprehensive child development and family support services that enhance the social, emotional, physical health, and educational development of participating children and families.

For school-age students, EdAdvance works cooperatively with local school districts to provide a wide range of direct service learning enrichment experiences. These services include state-licensed, year round before and after school programming for elementary and middle school age children, a variety of interdistrict enrichment opportunitiestransportation services, state-of-the-art 21st century skills courses, and regional special education programs.

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