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Special Education Programs

For over 20 years, EdAdvance has partnered with area school districts to provide cost effective, specialized educational, behavioral, and diagnostic services for students with social, emotional, and behavioral conditions that significantly impact their ability to learn. Superior quality, personalized learning and behavioral programs are provided in an inclusive and engaging environment.


Our skilled team collaborates closely with students, families, and districts to design a comprehensive plan that addresses the educational, social-emotional, and transitional needs of each student. Services are provided to students in four locations in Litchfield and Fairfield counties: ACCESS K-8 School in Danbury, ACCESS High School in Bethel, Partnership Learning Academy in Plymouth and Steps Middle & High School in Torrington.

ACCESS K-8 School

ACCESS School, located in Danbury, supports special education students in kindergarten to eighth grade. The program provides a structured environment for students with internal and external behavioral challenges which have significantly impacted their educational progress.

The School provides therapeutic intervention and skill development to improve academic, social and behavioral functioning. ACCESS K-8 School is comprised of special education teachers, social workers, board-certified behavioral analysts and behavior support staff who work as a coordinated team to provide structure and reinforcement to help students experience success and enjoyment within the school setting. The school team maintains regular contact with the student’s families and district to ensure that the Individual Education Program (IEP) is improving the student’s independent functioning and learning.

Please contact the Principal, Jennifer McCormick, to learn more or to make a referral at: or 203-205-0000.

ACCESS High School

The ACCESS Program, located in Bethel at WorkspaceCT, is a specialized educational day program serving students in grades 9-12. ACCESS students receive continuous, team-based, behavioral and academic assessments, as well as weekly individual and group counseling. ACCESS offers a variety of educational program options including 9-12 Academic/Behavioral Outplacement Programs, Short-Term Diagnostic Placements, and Expelled Student Educational Programs.


Please contact Principal, Laura Miller, to learn more information or to make a referral at: or 203-791-1904 x2020.

Partnership Learning Academy

Partnership Learning Academy (PLA) is a therapeutic elementary school program designed for students encountering significant challenges with social, emotional, and behavioral functioning. PLA provides exceptional specialized instruction and support for students in grades Kindergarten through 5. The goal for PLA students is always to build up their skills-sets to the extent they can successfully reintegrate back into their district. During student tenure, complex educational needs are addressed with both short and long-term impacts in mind.

The PLA team of highly qualified professionals provides individually tailored programming focused on the acquisition of academic, social, emotional, and behavioral skills necessary to fully participate in the least restrictive environment. Research-based curricula, both academic and social-emotional, are aligned with the CT Department of Education’s Social, Emotional, and Intellectual Habits as well as the Connecticut Common Core. This alignment promotes minimally stressful transitions from the student’s district to PLA, then eventually back to district. Partnering with parents is an essential aspect of successful programming.


Please contact the Principal, Scott Rossignol, to learn more or to make a referral at: or 860-516-7005.

Steps Middle & High School

Steps Middle & High School offers two types of educational programming for students: a day school for students who have (or are being considered for) an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and an Expelled Student Program.

The day school is designed to replicate a typical high school experience while maintaining small class sizes and a high staff-to-student ratio. Steps students receive team-based behavioral and academic instruction from certified special education and content area teachers, school social workers, and registered behavior technicians. All students enrolled in the program also participate counseling sessions, work towards successfully completing their postsecondary and transitional goals/objectives with our school counselor and transition coordinator, and participate in a school-wide tiered behavioral support system that is monitored by Steps’ on-site Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Steps students may also choose to utilize the supports at Steps to earn gainful employment and their driver’s license.

Steps Middle & High School Expelled Student Program serves general education and special education students that have been expelled from their district school. Students enrolled in this program participate in their education through a mixture of both online and traditional coursework supported by certified special education and content area teachers, engage in weekly counseling sessions with school social workers/counselors, and participate in a program wide behavior system designed to facilitate work completion.


Please contact the Principal, Brett Fiore, to learn more or to make a referral at: or 860-618-7411.

For more info, contact:

Annette Miserez-Dillon

Director of Special Education Programs & Services 

860-567-0863 x1040


ACCESS K-8 School
ACCESS High School
Partnership Learning Academy
Steps at East School
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